Government Guidance

The guidance issued by the Government has given requirements outlining how Hairdressing Salons must operate. We want our Clients AND our team to be able to be as safe as possible and as a result, we've had to change some of the ways we work. These requirements may change in line with updated information and improved practice.

Do you, or anyone you live with, have any of the following symptoms?

  • A high temperature?
  • A new, continuous cough?
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste?

If the answer is yes, STOP. Do not attend your appointment. You should stay at home and you (and any one you live), with should self-isolate and get a test..

Appointment Arrival

  • We can only see pre-booked Appointments, sorry, no walk ins, not even to make an appointment.
  • Please arrive as near to your Appointment time as possible. If you arrive early, you may need to wait outside.
  • If you arrive late we will probably not be able to see you and you may be required to pay for your appointment.
  • Please arrive alone, one person per appointment. Sorry, we can't accommodate Client's Children who don't have an appointment.
  • Don't come straight in, wait outside on our path using Social distancing if there are other Clients there. One of us will pop out and escort you in.
  • There is very limited Social Distanced waiting areas inside the Salon, so we may need to ask you to wait outside.
  • You'll be asked to wash or sanitise your hands and then you'll be taken straight to your Seat where your Stylist will greet you.
  • Bring a bag for your coat. We cannot hang your coat or bags up due to the risk of transmission to/from other Client's belongings, so you'll need to bring a bag to keep all of your belongs in next to your seat.

Self Coloured over Lockdown?

When booking your appointment, you MUST tell us if you've used home colour during lockdown. For your protection you'll need another allergy skin test at least 48 hours before your your Colour appointment. Contact us to pre-book this as we no longer have walk in patch testing.

Can I get a Cuppa or a Sandwich?

Following changes to Government Guidance, from the 28th of June 2021, we'll be resuming our normal Refreshment service.

Will you have magazines to read?

Following changes to Government Guidance, from the 28th of June 2021, we'll be resuming our normal Magazine service. We request that Clients use a Hand sanitizer before and after reading the magazines 

Do I need to Wear PPE?

Yes. We will supply you with a single use disposable face covering if you don't have one. You'll need to wear a face covering for the duration of your Appointment. You may need to briefly remove or pull it aside to allow the Stylist access to areas covered by the face covering.

Will my Stylist be wearing PPE?

Your Stylist will be wearing a Type 2 Mask and a Visor or Goggles. Stylists will normally wear disposable gloves during Colour application as normal.

How close will I be to other Clients?

We've added 2 extra stations down stairs to allow us to spread out. We're aiming to use every other Workstation to leave plenty of space but cannot guarantee this. We'll try to avoid Clients sitting next to each other where possible.

What Cleaning do you do in between Clients?

As soon as a Workstation is vacated we use Hospital grade Barbicide to sanitise the workstation, the seat, the seat back and arms of the chair and all of the the stylists tools. We then put a sign on the Chair to denote it's been thoroughly cleaned. As soon as someone uses the seat, even briefly, the sign is removed until it's been cleaned again. Stylists will wash/sanitise their hands, scissors, combs, brushes and other tools in between Clients and also if they move from one client to another during a Service. Stylists have their own Hairdryers to avoid swapping. We also regularly sanitise commonly touched surfaces such as light switches, door knobs and handrails.

Are there any Services that you can't do?

We're allowed to undertake all of the services we normally do, there's no restrictions. However, part of the Government guidance requires us to minimise the amount of time Clients are in the Salon and the contact between Stylists and Clients, so we will not be able to undertake Head Massages.

Have your prices changed?

No. However, to cover the cost of PPE for Clients and Team members as well as the cost of the extra time taken and materials used to regularly clean the Salon, we've introduced a temporary surcharge of £5 per Client (including Children) per visit. This has been calculated to be at cost and will be reduced/removed as soon as we can. Some Clients will require longer or different Services to 'catch up' with their colour, your Stylist will discuss this with you.

Can I use the Sun Bed?

No. We're sorry, but the Sun Bed is no longer being offered at HAC.

Can get my ears pierced?

No. We're sorry, but ear piercing is no longer being offered at HAC.